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We Live Insurance - So You Won't Need To

Sequoia West Insurance Services specializes in the complexities of Insurance. Business or Personal, we  offer complete end to end solutions for all your insurance  requirements. Because our team members work with such a diverse business  base, they are also an excellent resource to assist with many day to  day issues in HR, Payroll, IT and Finance. Let our professionals become a member of your management team. 

Business Insurance Services

Focusing on your business specialty and performing a comprehensive  insurance needs assessment, we design each insurance package  specifically to meet your professional requirements.


Commercial Business Insurance

We are building benefit plans now, for franchise programs to comply with the Federal 2014 Healthcare Reform Mandate. Ask us to work for you.

Labor Unions & Trust Funds

Many Taft-Hartley Trusts pay far too much in hard fund $'s  to Consultants. We provide our service with soft commission $'s. Ask us how soft $'s will help you.

Nonprofit Sector

We are implementing benefit purchasing  pools for Charter Schools. As a large group, premiums are stable and  benefit plan designs can vary. Ask us how we can assist you.

Public Sector

The rapid cost of employee benefits are  effecting all levels of public sector. We are re-engineering benefit  plan design and cost sharing. Ask us to show you how.

Individual Market

Many people rely on employer group benefits to provide for family needs. You may also need supplemental benefits. Ask us why.

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